Builders Discount Warehouse

  • YEAR 2016
  • WebsiteOne of the largest product-portfolio websites we at Procloud have ever produced, this massive online store features over 1000 products, as well as dozens of categories and sub-categories.

    In order to create ease of use for customers given the extensive nature of the sight, drop-down menus were implemented throughout the site, which provide a breadcrumb-like system of moving around the website.

    Additionally, enquiry functions and quote forms feature heavily throughout the website so customers can quickly and easily get in touch with the team, and the team is able to capture customer information in return.

    Other functions of the website include a fully-responsive image gallery, testimonials page and an appealing home page. Additionally, as the website is built using the popular Wordpress platform, it is also easily edited by the team at Builders Discount Warehouse.

    Many of our clients express trepidation at being given administrative control over a website, but after our complimentary training session, most clients, like the BDW crew, find they are able to go directly into the website to replace text or images without difficulty.

    Builder's Discount Warehouse is a great example of what can be achieved with Procloud's web development packages - a responsive, attractive website which is of tremendous use to customers and your staff members alike.