Star Realty

  • YEAR 2016
  • WebsiteThe Star Realty website was a major update from their previous site, bringing their online presence into the modern, mobile age and making it easier for their clients to view and locate property.

    Our creative team utilised the visual direction established by Star Realty's existing logo to create a website with a very compelling colour palette. White is often an ideal neutral for the web, and the deep purple accents give a real sense of class to the proceedings. This website features a special functionality which allows it to source real estate listings from a parent website,

    This spares the team at Star Realty the impossible hassle of re-creating their listings on both sites. In addition, the website includes a testimonial page and a staff member page to give the website a personal touch.

    The Star Realty website is an excellent example of how the Procloud crew can update your online brand and transform it into something stylish and accessible, whilst also preserving the things that made your design great to begin with.